Tandem Skydive from Lisbon booking form, oneway flight from Cascais Airport with a Tandem 10k or 15k Skydive Experience at Portimão Airport. If you have any special question about this special service, contact us before booking!


Booking and Cancellation Policy

Booking Steps: 1— Online Booking Deposit (€115 pax); 2— We will collect by email or phone and request your personal details for flight; 3— We will send you the flight tickets. This pack include: Free Shuttle Roundtrip from Lisbon (if requested), Domestic Round Trip Flight from Cascais to Algarve and Tandem Skydive at Algarve Coast. The remaining amount is paid locally.

You can only cancel with 48h in advance!

From Lisbon Booking Confirmation

After booking and deposit payment, our Support Team will check all the information and contact by email. The domestic roundtrip flight and the Skydive Experience are two separated services. The booking deposit only pay the flight tickets, they are not refundable if the skydiving experience is canceled. Important Note: Skydive activities depends heavily on several external factors, many of which we can not control or anticipate.